Technology has been -- and continues to be -- a boon to people with disabilities, especially children. Mobile devices like the iPad, enable children with developmental delays and other special needs to acquire life skills, engage in self-directed play, and perhaps most importantly facilitate communication with their caregivers. The ultimate equalizer in all this, however, is the almighty app.

"There's been a democratization of communication and learning software," says Howard Shane, PhD, "except now we just call them apps." "I'm extraordinarily excited about what's going on with this technology and how it's changing the very nature of the kind of work that we do," says Dr. Shane, Director of the Center for Communication Enhancement in the department of Otolaryngology and Communication Enhancement at Boston's Children's Hospital.

The rapid-fire speed in which apps are being developed has made it difficult to distinguish the good from the bad, he says. Google "special needs apps" and the sheer volume of search results might leave you reeling. Ditto for an apps search at the iTunes store. But it doesn't need to be that way..


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Special needs experts including Dr. Shane recommend that parents identify the child's needs and capabilities first and then try to match them with an app. "We really have no Consumer Reports strategy where there's an evaluation that comes up with some systematic way of telling whether an app is useful," he says. "There's just no decent reasonable filtering system, which is an issue that at some point needs to be addressed."
With thousands of apps and no recognized industry paradigm to evaluate them, how does a parent know which ones to choose? Enter the "Apps Consideration Checklist" that can aid parents and caregivers in this very process. This list is featured in a new book, "Apps for All Students: A Teacher's Desktop Guide. " Mr.bibin and his colleagues have created something our current project similar called MHO (monster hunters only) this is an interactive story book .target audience 9 to 13 years and region Australia and US

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