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Dental Tourism

Dental tourism (also called dental vacations) is a sector in medical tourism.It means traveling abroad for affordable dental care, dental treatment, dental surgery or dental procedures, which are generally expensive in one's own country. Dental Tourism is growing very fast in Indian medical tourism sector.


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Specialties, Duration and Cost of Major Treatments 

Dental procedure Avg. Cost in USA,UK ($) Cost at Smile, India ($) No. of visits/Duration
Dental Implants(Nobel Biocare) 3,500 800 2 visits. 1st visit of 2-4 days & 2nd visit of 2 weeks duration in a span of 4-5 monthss
Dental Implants(Nobel Biocare)-Immediate Loading 4,000 900 1 Visit of 1-week duration
Root canal Treatment 1,000 80-100 1 visit of 1-2 hrs
Smile Design 8,000 Varies Min 1 week stay
Metal Free crown( Lava) 2,000 300 2 visits of 30-45 mts each in a span of 3-5 days
Metal Free crown(Zircon) 1,800 200 2 visits of 30-45 mts each in a span of 3-5 days
Metal Ceramic Crown 1,000 80 2 visits of 30-45 mts each in a span of 3-5 days
Tooth impactions 2,000 100-150 1 visit of 1-2 hrs
Tooth whitening (Laser) 1200 280 1 visit of 1-2 hrs
Tooth colored composite fillings 500 20-30 1 visit of 15-30 mts duration
Tooth cleaning & Root planing 300 30 1 visit of 1 hr duration